Our Philosophy

Welcome to Read Write Perform, a new and exciting approach to English that will encourage your learners to actively engage with a variety of media and get the most out of the learning experiences you provide. 

Written by experienced classroom practitioners, consultants and IT specialists, Read Write Perform encourages children to apply what they have learnt in a meaningful and purposeful way in order to embed their learning. 

This learning for purpose is essential if children are to focus upon and engage with the core facets of English in a coherent way. 

It allows learners to make important links that are rooted within meaningful contexts, enabling them to use grammar, punctuation and vocabulary creatively in order to bring their own work to life.

Such an approach gives children a valuable sense of what it is like to be an author, one who uses the English language, not simply to improve the quality of their work but also to express themselves as best they can and improve deeper understanding.

The use of Emotional Literacy is an important element interwoven into each unit of work, an aspect that encourages empathy with characters and authors alike, offering learners the opportunity to personalise their work and take ownership of it.

The journey from simply understanding how we use the English language to being able to apply that knowledge in order to become a capable and confident writer and performer is a journey that will continue into adulthood and one that, in all truthfulness, never ends.

By providing authentic activities for both the classroom and beyond, we believe that your learners will see and value the beauty of the English language and use it freely, creatively and independently rather than simply viewing it as a series of building blocks that piece our language together.

It is only when the skills and knowledge of what has been taught is applied in an authentic way, that pupils truly understand the value of what they are learning and see the results when it is applied correctly. 

We sincerely hope that you and your learners love this approach as much as we do.

The Read Write Perform Approach:

Both Lee and John provide training for schools throughout the UK and beyond focusing on the Read Write Perform approach. 

​John also provides reading, spelling and vocabulary development training.
​For information on the training John provides, click the link below.
​Lee also provides training focusing on the use of technology to raise standards across the curriculum. ​For more information on the training Lee provides click the link below.

John is a specialist in developing children’s reading comprehension and SPaG skills.

He has worked in a variety of schools and situations since 1997, teaching children with specific language difficulties and in communities where English is not the first language.

He is the author of Reading Explorers, widely recognised as one of the most successful Guided Reading programmes in the UK and is used by teachers in International Schools worldwide. 

Using a ‘textcentric’ approach to the teaching, learning and application of grammar in a purposeful and meaningful way, it is hardly surprising that his new series Top Class is quickly gaining in popularity.

​John is now a consultant, CPD trainer and guest speaker at key educational events. His seminars and training focus on how to develop reading comprehension and spelling, punctuation and grammar and aims to help both school and learner to look forward, improve their results and secure best practice.
Lee has been a Primary School teacher for over a decade and continues to work each week in his school.

Lee successfully deployed a class set of iPads across a whole primary school and works with children from EYFS through to Year 6  focusing on how technology can enhance teaching and learning throughout the curriculum. Lee always puts learning first and is constantly looking for creative and innovative ways in which technology, such as the iPad, can be utilised effectively to positively impact on writing & reading skills as well as developing key numeracy skills.

Lee is on a mission to help teachers make the most of technology to help with every aspect of their role including: planning, feedback and assessment. His motto is to help teachers work 'smarter not harder.'

​Lee has built a sound reputation as one of the leading advocates for 'camouflage teaching', encouraging reluctant writers using new, exciting and engaging methods.

Alongside his expertise with iPads, Mr P also provides extensive training on how to use web based tools including blogging and considers the positive impact this can have in relation to the core skills of writing and reading.

Lee has already supported many schools in using simple yet effective technology - from a real teacher with a wealth of practical ideas that really work!